What New Features Does the 2020 Acura ILX Have?

December 30th, 2019 by

Drivers always get excited to hear about new cars. We want to know anything and everything about the car. If there are any details out there, then you can be sure there will be plenty of people to dig through everything to find those details.

People want to know about all of the features a car has first. The features are how cars stand out from each other, so it is important to know what a car comes with. The 2020 Acura ILX is finally arriving at dealerships, so now is the perfect time to see what it offers.

2020 Acura ILX Technology Features

The 2020 Acura ILX is filled with a lot of great features that make it a very intelligent car. One of the best features it offers is AcuraWatch™. This is a suite of advanced safety and driver-assistance technologies that give drivers confidence on the road. It has things like adaptive cruise control and lane-keeping assist, along with other safety features, that keep drivers in control. Blindspot detection, multi-view rear camera, and rear cross-traffic alerts are just a few of the other features it offers.

Each ILX is also outfitted with a lot of other fun features. It has an integrated navigation system that makes sure you don’t get lost. The On Demand multi-use display puts all of your apps and controls into one convenient place for you. This display also offers haptic feedback so you can feel every input. AcuraLink® helps connect your phone to your ILX which gives you an easy and reliable way to interact with your car.