Does Acura Have a Self-Driving Car?

December 30th, 2019 by

Does Acura have a self-driving car?

You are probably aware that many car companies are jumping on the self-driving bandwagon and designing future vehicles that will be able to pilot themselves, with a sit-in driver for backup in case of an emergency. Acura is also testing the waters of self-driving vehicles, with an automated Acura RLX vehicle. Read on to learn about Acura automated driving technology and the benefits of choosing a self-driving vehicle.

What are the benefits of a self-driving Acura RLX vehicle?

The benefits of self-driving cars are numerous. One of the greatest appeals of a self-driving car is that drivers will regain some of their free time. At this point, self-driving vehicles still require an attentive driver to take over in case of an emergency, but down the line, even that need will be gone as the technology of self-driving vehicles is advanced. Even with a sit-in driver, the responsibilities of driving are lessened in an autonomous vehicle. While the driver should be keeping their eyes on the road, they do not need to have their feet on the gas and their hands on the wheel, which means they can sit more comfortably and free up their hands to switch the music or eat food.

Is the self-driving Acura RLX a safe vehicle?

Acura plans to have self-driving vehicles on the roads as soon as 2020, but by the time the vehicles hit the roads, they will be extensively tested for safety. These vehicles will be equipped with some of the latest safety technology and driver assistance features, using plenty of sensors to keep track of the environment around them by sensing the road, surrounding vehicles, and more. In fact, it is possible that we will find the future of self-driving vehicles to be a safer driving experience with fewer car crashes due to human error.