Acura Partnered With Amazon For This New Service

December 30th, 2019 by

Is there anything more agonizing than waiting for a package? It seems like the tracking information takes forever to update, so we are left waiting on the edge of our seats. Most people simply hope their package is there when they get home. It’s not often we can plan things out perfectly and be there when our package arrives.

We want to trust our neighbors, but there are plenty of stories of packages going missing. If there is a box sitting on a porch, then there is a chance someone might walk by and take it. Most people don’t want to leave their doors unlocked because there’s even more risk of having things taken. So, it feels like the only option is hoping for the best or waiting at home on the day it is supposed to be delivered. Well, Acura and Amazon have partnered together to come up with a new solution.

Acura In-Car Delivery Service

It would be a lot easier if delivery drivers could simply drop a package off in your car. This would give your package a secure and safe place to wait for you. How exactly would this work? It’s pretty simple, you just need an AcuraLink® and Amazon Prime account to start. You can set up the “in-car” delivery option right from the Key by Amazon app. Once these two accounts are attached to each other, you are ready to go.

On the delivery day, you can park within two blocks of the selected delivery address. You are given a four-hour delivery window, which will give you a “delivering now” notification when the package is close. The delivery driver will request you to unlock your car and then place the package inside before requesting to relock the car. You will then get a notification letting you know the delivery is complete.