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Importance of Rotating Tires

As you may know, having good tires on your vehicle is a great way to help keep you and your family safe and sound on the highway. Tires that are getting worn down have a much higher risk of blowing out than tires that are fresh and have little-to-no wear on them. Now, it's impossible to keep your tires from wearing down over time, but you can help ensure that they wear down evenly. In order to help your tires last longer and wear more evenly, rotating the front and back tires is highly recommended.

The tires in the front tend to wear on the outside edges because they do all of the turning for your vehicle, while your rear tires just follow the fronts. This can cause your front tires to wear out thousands of miles before they're supposed to, and thousands of miles before your rear tires wear out. Tires aren't the cheapest things in the world, and tires that are unevenly worn can actually cost you precious fuel economy. That's why your friends here at Montano Acura of Albuquerque are offering tire rotations, alignments, replacements and more.

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When your vehicle needs tire service or maintenance done, put your trust into the hands of the highly-trained and certified technicians here at Montano Acura. Our service team members have worked hard to earn a reputation as one of Albuquerque's most trusted service professionals, and they're dedicated to working just as hard in order to maintain that reputation. No matter what kind of work you need done on your vehicle, our technicians are able and willing to get the job done right the very first time. We use the latest in diagnostic technology to ensure that we find the root cause of any problem your vehicle may be having, and we never send you home with a vehicle that we wouldn't drive confidently ourselves.

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