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Importance of Changing Your Oil

If you drive a car then you probably know that you need to change its oil after a period of time, or after every few thousand miles, but do you know why? Your engine is full of moving parts that come together to make your vehicle go. These moving parts often rub against each other and create heat and friction which causes them to wear down without the proper lubrication. Think of oil as your engine's blood. It flows through the engine to keep all of your moving parts lubricated, bring heat away from the engine, and actually helps to keep the engine clean.

You may look at your oil as it's coming out of your vehicle and think that there's no way this black, sludge-like substance could ever keep anything clean. In fact, this is a sign that your oil has done its job. The oil goes through and collects all the little particles and carbons that are produced by your engine, and clears them out of the way so that your moving parts can keep moving. These particles are potentially deadly to your engine and without oil to clean them away, engines wouldn't last nearly as long.

Oil also helps to improve your gas mileage. That's right, keeping fresh oil in your engine can help your vehicle gain 1-2% better fuel efficiency. While this may not seem like a lot, every little bit counts when it comes to saving money on the cost of gasoline.

Schedule an Oil Change at Montano Acura

The next time you need to change the oil in your car, truck, or SUV, schedule an appointment with the service team here at Montano Acura. Our technicians have been trained to work on every make and model so even if you don't drive an Acura, we're able to service your vehicle. While our highly-trained and certified technicians are changing your oil, they'll also take a look at your fluid levels and fill any that are looking a little low. Luckily oil changes are a relatively quick and inexpensive service, so you won't have to put your life on hold when your vehicle needs an oil change.

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