Apple Orchards Near Albuquerque, NM

By Product Expert | Posted in Community Events on Tuesday, October 10th, 2017 at 1:19 pm
Apple Orchards Near Albuquerque, NM Bushel of Apples

While pumpkins typically tend to steal the spotlight during October, this is also one of the best times of the year to go apple picking!

If your family is like ours here at Montano Acura, then you know that there is nothing that they love better than homemade apple pie, or apple cider made from apples freshly picked from the farm. Luckily, October is one of the best times of the year to pick apples, and we’re lucky enough to live in an area that boasts many great places where we can all get fresh apples to provide for our families. If you’re new to the area, or simply do not know where to get some of these delicious fruits, your friends here at Montano Acura are here to help! Let’s take a look at some of the apple orchards in our area.

More From Around the Community

Hays Honey and Apple Farm


Over at Hays Honey and Apple Farm, Ken Hays happily provides the community with a great variety of the freshest apples and honey around. Many apples are available throughout the fall months, and Ken will even help you find the perfect apple for what you plan on doing with them!


Apple Orchards Near Albuquerque, NM Apple Tree
Apple Orchards Near Albuquerque, NM Red Apple


Wagner’s Farm


A trip to Wagner’s has long been a staple for many New Mexico residents, and with all the great activities they have every year, it’s easy to see why. Try your navigational skills through their giant corn maze, tour the farm on a scenic hay ride, pick your pumpkin out of their patch, and of course, get yourself some freshly picked apples out of the orchard!


We know that there are many more places around Albuquerque that you and your family can go to get fresh from the farm apples, but we’ll end our list here. Besides, now we’ve got a little space to talk about our amazing selection of Acura vehicles! You know what they say, “An Acura a day keeps the doctor away.” If your family is in need of a vehicle upgrade, look no further than Montano Acura right here in Albuquerque. Our great selection of Acura models ensures that we have the perfect vehicle to fit your family’s needs without going over your budget!

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